Good Service Edit

Not A single Service Canceled.

Bad Service Edit

Same As Delays But Bad Service Means Trouble On A Pacticliar Line.

Delays Edit

Delays Can Make Big Problem Of Emergencys,Derailments,And Rails.Could Be While Following A Freight Train

Or Ivolving Police

Major Delays Edit

A Delay With Very Big Problem With Trains And Stations.

Graffiti Delays Edit

At One Night. People Come Out And Do Graffiti On Trains And Stations. At 8:00am This Delay Involves Police.

Canceled Edit

One Service Is Canceled Along A Pacticiar Line

Partial Closure Edit

A Service Is Interupped On A Pactilar Line

Trackwork Edit

Engineering Works On One Or More Lines Buses Can Replace Trains At Some Stations

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